Before joining Healthy Inspirations I did not have a positive mindset or even a positive outlook on life itself. After experiencing family losses I was not in a good place mentally and physically and unfortunately eating was my coping mechanism. This led to my own health scare and heart check-ups. My son and daughter become worried for my own health. I knew I needed to lose weight to improve my own health and set a positive example for my children. I remember my daughter telling me “to pull myself together” she couldn’t go through another heartache in the family again. My biggest fear was that I had gotten so out of control with my eating habits that I wouldn’t be able to break the habit and if I did manage to lose weight how could I ever maintain the weight loss or healthy eating in the long term.

After my first consultation at Healthy Inspirations I knew I had found the right team to support me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy Inspirations wasn’t just about a quick fix to lose weight, they taught me which foods I needed to eat to boost my weight loss and how to make healthy food choices. The team prepared a tailored exercise plan and encouraged me to participate in fitness classes. The women I have met at Healthy Inspirations are exactly that: ‘inspirations’, I consider them friends and this community of women keep me motivated to ensure I never waiver in achieving my goals. They are supportive and they help create a place where I feel safe and never judged. free adult movies I never thought I would say that I look forward to my gym sessions – it’s just the thing to lift my spirits.

My one-on-one coaching has further impacted my experience at Healthy Inspirations as it provided me with a unique weight loss plan to follow. I was able to speak to someone once a week and reflect on my eating habits and what I needed to do to further improve. We discussed food substitutes and recipes I could try.   When I had a setback, my coach was never judgmental and kept encouraging me every week. I learnt so much from this personalised experience and still use the tips and hints in my everyday life today.   My coaches have helped me reach my goal and beyond, I am healthier than I have been for a very long time and with the information I have been provided I have been able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.