Lost 13.5 kilos and 36cm.

I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life! I’ve been on all the weight loss programs over the last 25 years & I honestly believe that the program I’m following at Healthy Inspirations gives me the flexibility to enjoy my life & not feel like I’m on a diet. I’ve changed the way I eat & also how my family eat. It’s a lifestyle change that I know I’ll follow forever. I have more energy now & I’m exercising when I can.

Ellissa-Mae has been very supportive & encouraging EVERY SINGLE WEEK, she has played a huge role in my success & I feel grateful that she’s in my corner.

My mum & sister are also currently enjoying success at HI & it’s great that we’re on this journey together, supporting each other.

My husband & kids constantly encourage me & eagerly await my weekly weigh ins to hear whether I’ve lost or gained.

Having a good support network around me has been very important & invaluable. I often text my girlfriends with my results & the last text was to boast that I bought a pair of jeans in a size 12 which is something I thought I would never achieve.

I now proudly walk into a dress shop & know that there will be options that will fit me. I look for clothes that show off my body instead of hiding it, this has been a huge shift in my attitude & it’s really exciting. Some weeks have been very tough but I know that I don’t want to go back to old habits. I am very proud of myself!