Lost 21.5kg and 21.67% of her body weight

I started at Healthy Inspirations as I was feeling unfit, flat and had no energy. I was tired and didn’t feel like my usual self, plus I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore. It was coming into Christmas I didn’t want to put on any more weight and reach triple figures. I’ve been able to get away with putting on weight over the years, as I am tall, and it can go unnoticed. 

I’ve been a member of Healthies in the past and know that it works, as long as I am being consistent with the program and have the weekly nutrition check-ins. These keep me honest, accountable and on track, and I absolutely wouldn’t have succeeded without them. It’s so great to have the help, advice and support from the entire team each week.

Now I feel so much lighter and it’s simply easier to move and exercise. I have much more energy and overall feel so much better. I have donated all my old clothes and fit into old favourites like my skinny jeans and tighter tops. My daughter had her 30th recently and I felt amazing in my dress (pictured) and received lots of positive comments from friends and family.

For anyone looking at starting I would say just do it. It’s so simple to follow and the support and advice is fantastic. Take a leap of faith.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Just get started. Take the first steps, you won’t look back
  2. Follow the program with your individual preferences. As it is based on everyday supermarket food it is easy to work your favourite on plan foods into your meals.
  3. Keep up the weekly nutrition check-ins. Being accountable to someone else is important to your success, plus you receive on-going support and encouragement at the same time.