Lost 22.5kg.

The start of 2016 I was heading towards my 60th birthday and decided it was “now or never” and aimed to lose weight by my 60th birthday in October.

The benefits I’ve noticed are huge: I have a lot more energy, feel younger and aim to be healthy and fit as I can in my senior years.

I am aware of the relationship between food and the benefits on my health and weight.

I would not have been able to do it without constant encouragement Ange and Leigh have given me, together with their honesty when I could have been doing things better.

I constantly give praise to Healthy Inspirations and the value of the support from their coaches. I started Healthy Inspirations weight loss at the same time as friends did Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and they did not end up losing weight. A testimony to Healthy Inspirations.

Top tips for losing weight:

  • Set a goal for realistic weight loss six months out.
  • Eat heaps of the right food types.
  • Stay in constant connection with Healthy Inspirations.

Secrets for maintaining goal weight:

  • Love yourself – be proud of your achievements.
  • Have treats on occasion but maintain healthy eating. After a ‘treat’ day be careful to get back to healthy eating and monitor weight.