Lost 21.1kgs and 80.5cms


About February 2011 I started admitting I needed a thorough makeover of my diet and my lack of exercise (I could not exercise with the brain injury I had because it caused me to fall over for no good reason and that was for about five years). The girls at Healthy Inspirations nurtured and encouraged me to stick to my healthy eating plan for 15 months and I finally got to my goal weight!

I don’t want to write a lengthy spiel about all of my health problems suffice to say they were overcome in the best possible way – exercise and diet.

I was lacking confidence so much I don’t even have a photo of the whole of me at my biggest – I wouldn’t be photographed. I had high blood pressure and my doctor said I would have to go on blood pressure tablets or lose some weight – I chose the latter.

The thing I have found in the last six years is that the more I exercise the better I feel!

Going to the gym for me is like therapy – especially Zumba. I love to feel the music as I try to get all the moves right and each teacher does it differently which adds to the intrigue!

I have met so many people at Healthy Inspirations and I feel I have made some good friends that I see all the time. This makes it so much easier to go there. Also I work from home so getting out of the house is important to go somewhere (anywhere really!)

I love all the classes at Healthy Inspirations – strengthening my body to keep up with all the rigours of being an almost 60 year-old sandwich generation woman.

It is interesting that growing up in my family with four siblings (two sisters and two brothers) I was always the fat one. My mother used to comment on me “you’re happy when you’re fat”, “I don’t like you when you lose weight”, “fat people are pleasant people” etc. but now I’m the thin one! I don’t feel unpleasant or unhappy and I hope people like me the way I am now.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the trainers and counsellors that I have worked with at Healthy Inspirations. From the Emma days, through the Kate era and now with Nola I have found a place to enjoy my exercise and fulfil my life.

A special thank-you to Nola, Elissa-Mae and all the other trainers for making my life what it is today!