Lost a whopping 16.06% of her body weight & 11.4kgs IN JUST 12 WEEKS!

I have been at Healthies for many years and on initially joining I reached my goal weight. Over the years I reverted my eating habits back to larger portions and wrong choices. During COVID, I reached the highest weight of my life.

I happened to be on the circuit and spoke with Coach Nola about really needing to do something again as I had blown out and had little motivation. It was perfect timing with the 12 week challenge commencing. 

Being a competitive person and with the added incentive of putting money in for a chance of winning a cash prize, it was GAME ON!

The major changes I made to my lifestyle was that I stopped drinking at home and adhered religiously to the eating plan.

I found a few recipes that I repeated so I didn’t have the hassle of thinking what to cook. Faves are zucchini pasta with smoked salmon and pesto and zucchini pizza (normally with a prawn/seafood topping), so I didn’t feel like I was missing out when the rest of the family ate pizza. Another favourite is a breakfast of a cottage cheese, strawberries and Nurish combo that the centre stocks. With the warmer weather a mixed salad with my protein through it, has also been an easy go to lunch most days.

The weirdest thing of all is I’m eating more than ever with 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, but am continuing to chip away the kilos. I found once I lost weight at the first few weigh-ins, it gave me more determination to keep going. This really helped me both develop and maintain the right mindset and I have found the nutrition easy! 

I started getting tennis coaching a couple of years ago and one of the benefits of losing this weight is that I no longer have to strap my knees as I have reduced the pressure off my joints. 

With just a few more kilos to go to reach my goal and then my next challenge is maintenance.