Lost 10.2kgs and 24cms

I first did the Healthy Inspirations Great Shape program in 2010 and lost 17 kgs. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually done it and how easy it was. Follow the program and it works. I reached my goal weight, thought I knew it all and stopped my visits. Bad decision! I maintained the weight for a few years on my own but then it started creeping back on and after 7 years, I’d regained 11 kgs.

I’ve always been an active person. I love going to the gym and pushing myself to lift heavier or ride faster or walk further but I was just getting larger. How could that be? I was exercising regularly and eating healthily. A sedentary and stressful full time job with too many morning teas and after work drinks only added to the problem. Without the accountability of the planner and the Health Coaches, I had let my old habits take over again.

My favourite thing is to travel and in November 2016 we went to Guatemala. It was an extraordinary place surrounded by active volcanoes, one of which we could hike. I thought, I can do this, it’s only 4km straight up – I’m fit, right?

Famous last words. It was mortifying that my extra weight made it so hard to keep up with the rest of the group. I was so embarrassed.

In early January 2017, I injured my back and had to drastically cut back on my exercise or face potential surgery. So I stopped exercising, kept eating the same amount, gained weight and ended up 77kgs. NOT HAPPY! I realised that the extra kilos were not helping my rehabilitation, nor my self esteem and confidence. I felt uncomfortable, unhealthy and my clothes didn’t fit.

We were travelling to Mach Picchu in Peru in July and I wanted to fully enjoy it without my injury or weight holding me back like it did in Guatemala. Time to make a change so in mid March I rang the lovely Nola with a ‘I need help’ plea.

I started on the Reset program the very next day. I followed the plan almost like a religion, nothing was going to stop me. I wrote absolutely everything in my food planner, I meal planned and prepped and looked forward to seeing the Health Coaches every week for their encouragement, their tips and tricks, their honesty and genuine concern for my wellbeing. I fell off the wagon a few times, who doesn’t, but the Coaches were there to encourage me to get back on track. The hardest habit to break was the glass or two of wine after work every day. Now I don’t even look for it.

Fast forward to August and I reached my goal weight in July by losing 10.2 kgs and hiked Machu Picchu (wow), my back is completely healed and I am the happy, healthy, fit, energetic person that I used to be. I feel fantastic. Also, I have joined the Healthies Team as a Health Coach to help other women to reach their health goals. I truly believe in this program, I am living proof that it works and I can’t wait to share it.

My top tips for success:

  1. Follow the program – it works. Write everything in your planner. It’s a source of learning, encouragement and accountability. Use the Heatlh Coaches – their support is immeasurable. Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon – just climb back on and don’t give up.
  2. Planning and preparation are invaluable. Know what social events you have coming up and plan for them. Plan your menus and shop accordingly.
  3. Sleep, sleep, sleep! Make sure you are getting enough. Oh and water, water, water! Make sure you are drinking enough.
  4. Diarise your exercise as if it’s an appointment. Make it a priority.