Lost 19.7kg and 24.7% of her body weight in 8 months

I have tried HI twice before, but never stayed on track past 5 weeks. This time I felt old, slow and struggled to my do my garden, which I love. My balance was poor and while friends were retired and doing fun activities I was not. I knew that I needed to do something long term so I joined looking at the year of 2022 to finally work through this issue of weight. I was not in a hurry and made realistic goals, but it has all happened quicker than I thought.

When I started HI again I did wonder if I could lose weight, stay on track and not be hungry. This time I really listened to the wonderful coaches and did what I was told. I did wonder if it would work, but knew it would not if I did not follow the plan correctly. This time I followed the healthy eating plan and combined it with the gym 3 times per week. After the first week where I felt very flat and out of sorts, I have not looked back and I know the plan works.

I have now taken up tennis again at the age of 65. I still struggle to run, but am working on this and my balance has improved greatly. I now walk longer distances and keep up with my friends. They are amazed how much I have changed. I have had 2 knee replacements due to arthritis and always used this as an excuse to not do physical activities. I no longer do this and can do most activities as my movement and pain have changed dramatically. I have more energy now and do not feel hungry with the high protein diet. This allows me to be more positive in my attitude to do things.

Weekly coaching is rewarding and keeps me on track, while also giving me a positive attitude as I have usually lost something. The coaching is pleasant and more like a chat with a friend. It is also a time to learn new tricks and recipes and find out how to tailor the plan to better suit an individual. If weight is not coming off then reasons and changes can be discussed in a supportive manner quickly after the issue starts.

My blood pressure has reduced markedly and my doctor has reduced the medication. I have less joint pain from arthritis and feel I can do most things now. I have more energy and get compliments from family and friends. I have enjoyed shopping for some new clothes and feel I have really accomplished something.

Just do it. Stop prevaricating, pay the money, follow the plan and enjoy the journey. It will not really take that long, you will actually enjoy the help and camaraderie of other ladies who are with you and you will learn how to eat well and enjoy life more. It works, there is little pain and you are part of a bigger picture.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Do it for yourself and join up as soon as your mind lets you. You will be glad you did.
  2. Follow the plan, but don’t panic if you go astray, just get back into it quickly.
  3. Do the gym work or classes to tone up and help lose the weight. It is fun once you see the improvements and other members are friendly and very supportive.