Lost 12kg and 18% of her body weight in 9 months

In 2019, my blood counts were showing signs of me having an auto immune illness and after doing the rounds with specialists, MRI’s etc I was put on 50mg Prednisolone for 6 months – this made me gain 14kg which took longer to come off (although I was walking 1 hour each day) than it did to go on.

I had no concerns in joining Healthy Inspirations as I knew of other ladies that used to attend. Also, I was a member about 10-12 years ago and I knew that the program succeeded in bringing results.

I feel like my old self and I’m so very happy to be able to get into some of my favourite outfits. So glad that I kept some nice pieces of clothing that I thought hopefully, I would wear again.

The weekly coaching is very encouraging. Although when there have been special outings or celebrations, I do dread having to feel accountable and I am disappointed that it couldn’t be just an ordinary week without unnecessary temptations. (I like to be in control of my food intake.)

Meeting new ladies and seeing old acquaintances has been an unexpected benefit. I also love the protein powder and snacks – my “go to” when I need to be stricter after a bad day or two.

I would certainly encourage anyone who was thinking about doing the program to just start. I know that if I had needed more support, it would have been given to me. If you don’t make a decision today you will still be disappointed and dissatisfied with yourself tomorrow OR a year from now.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Make it a personal challenge. Do it for yourself.
  2. If you have a bad week – then start fresh tomorrow. Have a good attitude. Your attitude determines your commitment.
  3. Be patient and determined. It didn’t come on overnight – set yourself a goal.