Lost 15kg

I had steadily gained weight since my early 50’s and, although I tried a couple of weight loss programmes in the last 15 years, didn’t really commit or achieve. By December 2020, at 72kg, I was frustrated and annoyed with myself and concerned about my deteriorating health. Nothing too serious but I did require medication or treatment. A chance Facebook post from Healthy Inspirations Frewville caught my attention.

Being part of the HI Frewville community has been wonderful. I live about 100km north of Adelaide so, with some rejigging of priorities mostly in my head, I made the commitment to travel every Tuesday for weigh-ins, consults, and to attend a fantastic and very popular Strong and Stretch pilates/exercise class.

I look forward each week to my visit at HI Frewville for the advice, support, encouragement and positive vibes from Ally, the HI team and the many happy clients at HI Frewville. The pilates class challenges me and now I feel more confident striding out when walking, benefiting also in my posture, balance and energy. Building muscle strength is my challenge ahead.

So what worked for me…

  • Discussing my weight loss, diet, water intake & body strength with Ally and her team. While I have mostly made the weekly visit to the centre for check-ins, and the occasional phone call check-in with a HI consultant has helped to keep me accountable in my journey.
  • Consciously not eating bread and biscuits which had always been my quick grab throughout a day. Information in the phase booklets, on the HI website or Facebook page about food suitable in each phase of weight loss often challenged what I thought I knew about healthy eating. Great learning!
  • Preparing in advance and always having on hand protein rich snacks like egg and veggie flourless muffins, cooked chicken pieces, boiled eggs, ricotta cheese with grain-free granola, tuna and salmon lettuce cups, protein shakes.
  • Eating a protein rich breakfast of usually egg plus vegetable combinations, often prepared the night before and reheated. So different from the cereal and toast that were my breakfast choices for years.

I feel great! As people have noticed my weight loss, they have commented about how much healthier I look. Clothes long put aside as too tight are now too loose. Nice problem to have!

I now weigh 57kg. How great I felt this week to have the doctor tell me that I no longer require a CPAP machine, as the level of risk from sleep apnoea has been reduced most definitely assisted by my weight loss.