Lost 12kgs and 40cms


I have never joined a gym before, but after losing my daughter I was in a bad place for two years, so did not exercise or think about my weight.

Looking in the mirror and not being able to fit into some of my favourite clothes, I said to myself “This will not do”, so when I felt better, I decided to join Healthy Inspirations to get my life back together. It worked. I lost 12 kg in a short time. I was so happy and so was my family. They were proud of me.

I walk faster and feel fitter and stronger now. I love all the classes and can do them, which makes me happy and is an added bonus.

The staff are very encouraging and helpful; they really care about everyone. They also motivated me to lose weight and keep it off. Healthy Inspirations is a special gym – very friendly and I love going.

Tip:  Don’t push yourself too hard at first. Listen to your body. Once you start to feel fitter and are losing weight, it is easier to stick to the program.

Maintaining goal weight:  Be kind to yourself. Everyone tries their best but sometimes it is hard when we eat out etc, so do not feel guilty. Just get back on track as soon as you can. That way you will maintain your weight.