Becoming older is unavoidable, but to keep fit, eat well and enjoy life is a choice!

I joined Healthy Inspirations just over twelve months ago, love the staff and atmosphere and with their encouragement decided to try the weight loss plan. I had my 70th birthday in October and think I was in denial about my weight creeping up and thought “hey, I may be 70 but have a lot of living to do, I want to have the energy to enjoy my grandchildren and the activities I love doing.’’

I think I had used the excuse of having been through breast cancer, a mastectomy and five years of hormone therapy for my weight gain (hormone imbalance I told myself!) but quietly I felt I needed to lose some weight, seriously this time. My blood pressure was also creeping up and my Doctor suggested just losing a little weight would be of benefit.

I kept my goals achievable and now on my way to losing ten kilos. The support and encouragement of Kate and the girls has been inspiring, always ready to advise, cajole and keep me on track… I don’t think I could do it by myself and the Healthy Inspirations weight loss plan has been the best thing for me. I have never been a junk food person, enjoy good food so it was not hard to adapt to the healthy balanced style of eating. I think I have lost the sugar craving but still occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine. The best thing is I am feeling great, more energetic and looking forward to wearing clothes to flatter rather than hide those unwanted bulges!

I would like to encourage other senior members who are perhaps thinking of losing some weight, it is never too late and even losing just a few unwanted kilos can make a huge difference in our wellbeing and self-esteem.

Becoming older is unavoidable, but to keep fit, eat well and enjoy life is a choice!

Thank you Healthy Inspirations.