Lost 11kg, reducing her body fat by 9.3%

My 30th Wedding Anniversary and my daughter’s wedding were coming up and I didn’t want to look like a middle-aged wife/mum (even though I am!). I was aware that my body shape had changed with menopause and this was not how I wanted to look at these special occasions.

I have generally been able to maintain a healthy weight and my general health has always been good. However, there have been two occasions in my life where I have gained weight, both are related to hormonal changes. The first was in my 20’s when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (a rapid weight gain from 8 stone to 10 stone in a year) and the second was when I entered menopause when weight gain was slow over a number of years. In the first instance I lost weight without a weight loss program. the second has required a little more effort!

I have driven past Healthy Inspirations for about 8 years and noticed the signage and inspirational quotes. I have never been to a gym before and as I got older I didn’t want to go to a gym where I felt I might not fit in. I used to roll my eyes at work colleagues who always spoke of what they were doing at the gym! The reason HI drew me in was that it was for women only and my perception was it was for older women. My desire to feel fitter and stronger (and lose a few kilos) overshadowed my fears and biases.

I am very happy to say that HI is a welcoming and supportive place to be – I can do the circuit when I want to be in my own space, or I can join the classes for more interaction. Everyone is friendly, no one is judgmental or trying to out-do anyone else.

Weekly coaching keeps you accountable and focused. The coaches are supportive and are a reminder that health and well-being is not simply about weight loss and what the scales say each week.

Advice on the program and ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates has been an eye opener especially for someone who has never really wanted/needed to closely look at what they were eating. The reminder to drink more water has been a necessary challenge and habit-forming, I still need to remind myself to drink more but hopefully this means no more kidney stones.

I have more energy, focus and a clearer mind. My facial skin tone as improved and now I actually enjoy the gym! I love my new body shape – I catch myself doing a side-on pose in a mirror. The unexpected is that you can lose weight in middle age – that myth has been busted!

I have enjoyed being part of a group of committed women who have similar purposes. I enjoy coming back from HI feeling good, especially on those days when I could think of a million other things to do.

Give it a try! HI offers so much more than weight loss. I know everyone has their own motivations, challenges and personal goals, that’s OK, choose what is important to you and start with that. You may be surprised where it leads you.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Plan your week ahead. Book in a few sessions, make your appointment with the coach.
  2. Keep filling the Daily Planner and notice what you are eating – this might be a chore at first but is really helpful to keep you on track and motivated.
  3. Start at what level is comfortable to you – don’t worry about others. Keep working at it – push yourself a little bit further if you can. Notice the difference in your self – body, mind, relationships.