Lost 15.7kg and 11.9% of her body weight

I’m only 43 with a young son and my knees constantly hurt if I stand for too long. I can’t do all the things I want to do with my family, and it is also affecting my work. 

I’ve tried so many other diets, have joined gyms and I’ve also had lap band surgery. I just couldn’t stick to anything long term. When I started I was concerned I’d be spending all this money and may risk quitting, but since I’ve joined (9 months ago) I have not once considered giving up.

My son asked me when my ‘diet’ will be finished. I’ve surprised myself when I answered it’s not a diet, it’s my new life. My clothes are all too loose and when I try on new clothes, I must try smaller sizes. I have no idea what my current clothing size is! My rings need resizing as they slip off (which I never even considered) plus my knees are so much better. I have so much more willingness now to go out with my family, do all the fun things and not stay home and miss out.

I believe the reason I have stuck to the program and haven’t even considered giving up is the weekly one on one coaching, accountability and support. The entire team at Healthy Inspirations is so helpful and understanding with so many ideas. If you don’t have a great week, they support me to keep going and not dwell on the negatives. The other members are also so helpful and give me the support and inspiration I need to keep going.

Now I’m happier, move more, I get some ME time to exercise, and I’ve learnt how to eat healthy, even when I’m dining out. I’ve still got a way to go and more to learn, but I’m so much happier. Another bonus is I seem to be avoiding sicknesses around me, which I put down to being healthier inside and out and looking after myself.

For anyone looking at starting it’s not that hard, just maintain a strong mindset to stick to the plan. I’ve seen evidence of so many successes at the centre and I’m really enjoying my successes so far too. Everyone is helpful and super friendly, and I wish I’d joined sooner instead of procrastinating.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Just stick to the plan, plus weigh and measure your food for portion control
  2. Learn its ok to say no thankyou and take your own food to ensure you are not tempted
  3. Be accountable. Share with people who may guide you offtrack that you are trying to change and ask them to help you by not tempting you with poor food choices