Lost 21 kg and 56 cm – That’s 26.96% of her body weight

Prior to my 50s I managed to maintain a healthy weight and a reasonable level of fitness.  It wasn’t until I experienced the joys of menopause that my weight increased.  

I thought that putting on weight around my hips and waist was a common symptom of hormonal changes and therefore accepted my weight increase as normal.  Coinciding with menopause, work demands and stress levels increased and exercising and eating regular meals suffered.  

I kept thinking I would find time to focus on my weight and health but weeks became months and then before I knew it I was approaching retirement.  Once retired I had time to pick up my exercise interests again and started cycling, kayaking and taking long walks, however I lacked the discipline to modify my diet to reduce weight.   

Generally I had good health except for a few aches and pains in the shoulders, knees and hips which I didn’t think was uncommon for a woman in her mid 60s who had played sport or exercised for a good deal of time.  I had accepted that I would need physiotherapy from time to time to help deal with stiffness and soreness.  My weight also concerned me.  Being an unhealthy weight increased the risk for heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions.  My travel bucket list is long and I wanted to enjoy these trips with no health concerns.  Time to get my act together and “do something”.  Healthies is just what I needed.

The benefits are numerous and life changing.  Besides losing 21 kilos and a staggering 56 cms, I feel younger, stronger, and fitter.  My flexibility and balance has improved beyond my expectations and my blood pressure has dropped.  An unexpected outcome of joining Healthies was the total joy I get out of exercising with like minded women.  The social interaction with both fellow exercisers and trainers does wonders for my mental health.  I am a much happier and healthier person because of the program.

For me, once given a challenge I can be quite disciplined to achieve the goal.  It was the incredible Healthies Trainers that helped me set the goals and provided all the support I needed.  Promoting healthy eating choices, providing fantastic recipes and celebrating our key milestones is just one of many successful strategies used at Healthies.  

I have been a member of Healthy Inspirations for over 2 years now and have a regular fitness program in place. With the knowledge I have gained during this time I feel confident that my weight loss will be maintained.  Achieving my goal weight has given me confidence to take on new challenges including new hobbies.  

If you want to lose weight and improve your health and fitness in an inclusive environment with professional and knowledgeable Trainers then Healthy Inspirations is for you.  

My top 3 Healthy Inspirations tips are:

  1. Aim to eat sensibly and healthily most of the time. Accept you will slip occasionally.
  2. Think about what you will eat long before your tummy starts rumbling.
  3. Any movement at all is better than sitting on a couch.