Lost 11.2kg and 46.5cm

When I was younger, I was quite a slim girl. But as I got older the weight continued to go on and on and on. I became very tired all the time and had no energy, I never really wanted to do anything. I was always finding myself thinking about starting a healthy eating program or joining a gym but that’s as far as it got, I always started things and never finished them! At 88 kilos I was becoming depressed with how I looked I hated summer because I knew I had to wear shorts or dresses that would show my legs. I always tried to cover them up. I would get frustrated and always think to myself well how come I’m not losing weight everyone else seems to be losing it so easy, what am I doing wrong!

In February I was on a holiday in America when my mum told me she had signed up to a gym. I said to her oh that’s pretty cool (thinking to myself yeh she won’t stick to that we shall see how long it lasts). She then said to me you should join when you get back and we will go together! March came by and I had just gotten back from my holiday and about 3 days later I joined & said to myself I NEED to do this! There was this little voice in my head telling me you can’t do this you won’t stick to it…

The support we get from the girls at HI is incredible! I do PT twice a week and each time they are always doing different things to push me to my absolute limit & I always feel so great once I have finished! They always give you new things to learn and new recipes to try and always have a smile on their face!

I am so much fitter (I never used to be able to run in a full game of netball but now I can plus more). I am loving how my confidence is slowly coming back and I enjoy my change of routine. I am a shift worker who always used to sleep in on mornings but when I started going to HI I changed my routine to fit in my workout & now I would never change it back! It makes me feel so good & gives me a positive energy to start my day.


  • My number 1 tip is to believe in yourself! Without belief, I feel you will never be able to achieve your goals!