Lost 13.8kg and 56.5cm.

After having a knee replacement I became a couch potato and decided that it was time I did something about my weight. My journey to better health and losing weight has been an awesome experience. To feel better in yourself by the weight loss and the healthy eating is amazing.

By joining Healthy Inspirations I have had a few weeks where I have put on weight but the ladies at Healthy Inspirations have put me back on the right track. The support from coaching team is awesome they help and suggest things that are starting to go wrong with your weight.

I can now walk for an hour or more, keeping up with my family and not having to rest or get breathless.

It is a great feeling knowing that you are looking good and see the results of your hard work. I feel so much better in myself and looking in the mirror and seeing the weight coming off.

I will keep on going to Healthy Inspirations as the exercise and healthy eating makes me feel good.



Visit Healthy Inspirations and speak to the ladies as they are just awesome.

Try the exercises on the circuit.

To maintain weight, carry on with healthy Inspirations exercising and eating the right foods.