Lost 15.2kgs and 100.5cm

It was a series of little events and a growing feeling of increasing discomfort within my body and mind. My clothing choices were no longer about style, opting for clothes that covered more. Socialising was diminishing, not because life was too busy, I just didn’t like to be seen. A dark cloud had permanently moved in to all aspects of my life. Finally, the walks I did enjoy going on had become harder as my weight increased. I could feel my bones struggling to hold the extra girth and then they started to ache after any activity. Emotionally, physically and mentally I knew I just couldn’t go on anymore ignoring the ‘elephant in the room’.

I had a year journey that has led to an amazing transformation both physically and mentally. After a short time in the program I could feel the weight literally dropping off. Meal planning became exciting and a joy as I rediscovered the right foods for my body through the plethora of new recipes to try.

As more and more weight dropped off my energy levels increased, my ailments disappeared, I was growing stronger mentally and physically. Happiness was never far from my thoughts as I embraced the new-found support network and made new friends.

I found the support was essential for my success as it gave me direction when I needed it, strength when I was feeling weak, and knowledge to empower my choices so I wouldn’t accept my excuses anymore.

It works. Honestly it is the best thing I have ever done in my quest to better myself, giving me the ability to embrace life to the fullest.

My top tips:

  1. We all stumble, reset your goals to help reset your life.
  2. Don’t give up, support and encouragement are always there.
  3. Be realistic, be persistent and become a better you.