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Meet Caroline McE

Caroline before and after

Lost 10.6 kilos and 69.5 cm.

After many years of slowly putting on weight and increasingly feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable in my skin, I knew it was time to make a change. When I received a birthday message offering a free trial from Healthy Inspirations, I knew this was my chance to embrace a new me.

On my own it was way too challenging. I was a mum who often ate my kid’s leftovers, and found little time to exercise. It is the direction and type of support that Healthy Inspirations provides on so many levels that takes so many of these challenges away. What seemed so hard at the start, they helped make it completely doable.

My challenge now is trying to find clothes in my wardrobe that fit and look good when I wear them. I cannot thank them enough for helping me make all the right changes and giving me a much happier and new lease on life.

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