Lost 10.8kgs and 32.5cms

I was feeling fatigued all the time before I joined Healthy Inspirations and I just knew that I was carrying extra weight that I had to try and get rid of. I’m now on the maintenance program having lost 10.8kgs & 32.5cms and my biggest tip would be to tell yourself (and those around you) that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Portion sizes are different for our family now and we now make healthier substitutes (like konjac noodles instead of pasta for our bolognaise).

I’ve been so lucky to work this in with my daughter and I would say if you can try to work this in with your family, a family member or a friend because you will support and help each other. Also having the same Health Coach each week (I had Kerry) was really helpful as you have the rapport and they know and understand your personal challenges.

This has been a really nice journey because there is no end to it as this is a change for life. I just haven’t looked back doing this, I feel so much better and my energy now is at an optimum.