I’m in a better place at 50 now!

Over the last few years I had too much weight that had crept on and I wasn’t fitting into my clothes, especially my work uniform. I obviously fit into them once not that long ago.

What was happening? Losing weight used to be easy but not as I’m getting older. I’m not one for exercise either and the weight was now becoming a problem that I had to deal with. Many things in my wardrobe were too small now and I was shopping for things like bigger tops that were loose.

Every day on my way to work I would pass the sign for Healthy Inspirations until one day in November 2014 I decide to call in and see what they were about. Nola was here on that day and after an emotional chat I looked around and signed up.

Taking home all my info about meal plans etc I felt overwhelmed by it all. I didn’t believe I could do it as it seemed too much. Nothing had worked lately and I wasn’t sure I was ready for more serious efforts. But I organised myself with food for work and was able to adapt my meals at home so the family could work in with this also.

After 3 months of regular weigh ins and checks the weight had fallen off me. I now also had exercise in my life too. My 50th birthday was looming – that dress size was all I wanted.

The staff are beautiful, very supportive and helpful. I fear my goal would not have been reached without them all and the easy meal planning. I now miss exercise if I’m not at the centre in a week. Wow never thought I’d say that!

I’m wearing clothes I couldn’t wear for at least 2 years. I feel great and am healthier. I’m in a better place at 50 now!

My top tips:-

1) If weight loss is your goal you can’t do it alone so give Healthy Inspirations your best shot as there is lots of support.

2) Incorporate the exercise – it is a good part of my life now.

3) Do it for yourself not for anyone else.