Lost 11.5kgs, 36cms & 15.25% of her body weight

Having had 2 children, a high carb diet, not exercising like I used to & leading a busy and social lifestyle I found myself heavier than I had EVER been. I loved potatoes, chips (crisps), rice, pasta, sugar (3 in my coffee) & wine with every evening meal.

The decision was to either go and buy a whole new wardrobe the next size (or two) up. As tempting as it was to just go shopping I knew instead I had to something about it.

I needed to be a positive role model to my children, family & friends so with the support of my husband I joined the very supportive, crew/family at Healthy Inspirations Prospect.

My goal was a healthy achievable weight loss so I could get rid of my “muffin top”, fit into my clothes & maybe even a bikini again ready for summer.

I started getting up early to get to the gym 4 times a week in the mornings as it was the only time that fitted with my lifestyle. I had to be cautious as I have arthritis in my back & dodgy netball knees, but I found the workouts really helped get me back into fitness in a controlled environment with safe exercises. It gave me so much energy & I felt fantastic after each session.

Both my husband and I stopped drinking Monday to Thursday and just maintained a “weekend lifestyle” (drinking wine on the weekends) but I was very careful with my food choices to compensate and made sure I didn’t have any “cheats” during the week. I also stopped snacking after dinner which really helped and I found all these things worked for me. Anytime I was out of routine and the plan went out the window it was so easy to get back into the swing of things with the helpful team at Healthies (love you ALL)!

After 19 weeks I achieved my goal in December (just in time for summer) and the key then was to keep it off so I could dress-up for my fancy dress 45th birthday in April. Dressing up as I Dream of Jeannie (with abs) was on my bucket list and I’m so glad that I pulled this off as I felt fantastic & so happy in my outfit on the night.

My own family has also benefited with my husband losing his excess weight and looking better than ever. My children really enjoyed a hot breakfast each morning with bacon & eggs on the menu, they too got into the healthy eating groove. It was a great way to create some quality family time, which I could manage easily as I was up early for the gym & more organised.

The best tips I can give anyone wanting to drop some kilos is to: –

  1. Stay accountable – Healthy Inspirations did this for me with the weekly 1 on 1 nutrition check-ins
  2. Do it because you WANT to do it for YOURSELF not because someone told you to
  3. You need to really WANT IT to succeed & stay on plan
  4. Keep moving, no matter how little some days
  5. Plan ahead and be organised especially with your food options
  6. Surround yourself with positive encouraging people

I just want to say a big THANKS to all the beautiful people at Healthies Prospect, both instructors/coaches & fellow members. Without you ALL I wouldn’t have achieved my goal.

Thank you for helping to make a healthier me xx