2022 Update:

Lost 11.5kgs, 36cms & 15.25% of her body weight

Having been slim & healthy most of my life I felt I had not quite been the same since having two beautiful children and I wanted to do something for myself. As I had never had to do anything to lose weight in the past, I was a bit scared about what it would entail and didn’t know what to expect. However, once I committed to Healthies it all became so easy! Easy to follow, understand and be supported. The coaches gave me empathy and understanding with lots of healthy hints along the way.

This program made such a difference, not just in my life but for my husband also as he followed along at home, and we also became a healthy example for our children as well. I eat healthier, my husband eats healthier and therefore our children eat healthier which is a win win for all the family. Plus, I fit into all my size ten clothes so much better and have even moved to a smaller notch on my belt!

I can’t stress enough the value of being held accountable by attending the weekly one on one coaching sessions on the program. This made such a difference in keeping me on track and feeling supported throughout my journey. I now have an ongoing understanding of what my body can tolerate and what I need to do to maintain my weight and stay healthy. 

For anyone wanting to start at Healthies I would encourage you to do so. It is a safe, friendly and supportive way to learn about your body, reach your goal weight, improve your fitness and strength. Plus, you will meet some awesome ladies along the way who continue to inspire & support each other.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. If you can’t go without your coffee just have a single shot with cream instead of milk. I still enjoy this every morning.
  2. Be prepared and have your snacks on hand, plus cook & freeze some meals to stay ahead.
  3. Take your family along for the ride – it’s a hoot and good for everyone.