Lost 8.7 kgs and 34 cms.


My story begins with wanting to fit into a particular dress to attend a family wedding and to achieve this I wanted to lose about 6kg.

Having heard of Healthy Inspirations through my husband, I decided to organise a time to pop in and find out more about the program. At first, I was a bit unsure about taking certain favoured foods out of my meals, but after much thought I decided to give the plan a go.

I was initially reluctant to plan ahead, however I quickly realised that planning was critical to my results. I found the protein shake most helpful and made sure I took the powder everywhere with me so that it could be made up if I couldn’t get home to have it. On a regular basis I tried on the special dress to see how it felt on my body; as it began to look better, I started to feel excited about my progress. It was such a positive feeling, it spurred me on further. Although I had allowed myself 12 weeks to reach my goal weight, I was amazed how quickly I adjusted to the changes to my mealtime routine. The results were much quicker than I expected! Not only that, I was also surprised by the change in my body shape.

I was under the belief that once you reach middle age you may have weight loss but your shape is what it is. Well I was very wrong; with good planning and good food choices you can achieve weight loss and body shape change.

I am excited to say that after just 8 weeks I fitted into that special dress and not only reached goal weight, but also lost a total of 34cm from my body. At the wedding I received some lovely compliments not only about how I looked in the dress, but also about my self-confidence.

I am grateful to the team at Healthy Inspirations Prospect for their guidance and support throughout the program. Regular meetings with my weight loss coach made all the difference to my success.