Lost 14kg and 19.5% of her body weight and kept off for 2 years

The event that triggered my decision to start the program at Healthy Inspirations was not being able to find a dress that made me look and feel good for a Melbourne Cup lunch. I must have tried on about thirty dresses that looked hideous on me. 

Initially I was concerned that I would not stick to the program, but determination and getting results encouraged me to continue, plus the weekly one on one nutrition check-in made me accountable as well which was so important. For me losing the weight was the easy part, and now the weekly coaching continues to keep me on track (and the weight off) along with suggestions like food menus and recipe ideas which are helpful.

My fitness is important to me as I get older. Participating in the fitness sessions has improved my physique and overall health. I do not get ‘puffed out’ easily and am fitter than most of my friends the same age. That makes me feel good and gives me a real sense of achievement.

Now that I have lost the weight and am eating healthier, I also feel so much better in myself as I can wear and fit into clothes that I would never have been able to before. This has improved my self-esteem and even my daughters make comments on how better I look.

For anyone thinking about trying Healthy Inspirations I would say to give it a go. I am a success story, and you can be too! This program is for women, and you don’t have to be self-conscience as everyone is very encouraging and friendly. The fitness component you can do at your own pace, and whenever you like.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Just Start! 
  2. Water is so particularly important, and from personal experience the more water I had the quicker I lost weight.
  3. Exercise will make you fitter and have a better body shape.