Lost 9.6kg, reducing her body fat by 8.3%

I was unhappy in my clothes and often wore items that tried to hide my expanding middle. I even tried not to attend events where I would be seen by people in clothes that I felt were too tight. I felt overweight and unhealthy. I would try not to sit down so my tummy would not bulge and if I did sit down I always crossed my arms over my middle. This then becomes a cycle of unhappiness! 

I tried to do more activity but my eating habits were really what needed to change as well. I knew the crew at Blackwood Healthy could help me as they had once before – many years ago around 2005. Being around 16 years later is a testament to their success! 

The only concerns I had were facing the embarrassment of returning and I really didn’t want to show my body. The staff at Blackwood Healthy are so good though – not judging and so very supportive. When I reached the point of finally walking through the door I immediately felt welcomed and knew they would help me.

I feel massively happier and proud of my body shape. I feel more confident in being seen and contributing to conversations in groups since I am not concerned about how I look anymore. I am fitter and realise the huge medical benefits in body and, importantly, in mind too. I actually feel taller because I do not slouch like I used to. I am active most days of the week and enjoy those moments.

I have had a tough time recently with the passing of a parent and my son moving to NZ for work, which has made activity levels difficult to maintain through stress and sadness, but after talking to Jodi I realise I need time and that there is no need to be concerned. I feel safe in her, and the other coachs’ hands, for sure. I have maintained healthiness and fitness throughout.

I have noticed my weight on the scales as lower than I expected to achieve and am so proud of myself for being consistent in my approach and having the will-power to keep following the plans.

I suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees, feet, hips, elbows, hands, shoulders and back, but since using the gym area and doing the classes on offer I have noticed my feet are less painful when I put weight on my toes and that I have a greater range of movement (eg. I can now do a plank on my toes and do calf raises!). I have also noticed that walking down steep hills is less painful on my knees. Another bonus there is that with mountain bike riding, going steeply downhill the steep uphill requires a lot of pressure on your knees – I can do this better now too, which means I don’t fall off so much. That’s got to be a bonus.

Being held accountable by coming in or a weighing every week and chatting with a coach is immeasurable! Early on it was what kept me going. I wanted to please the staff too! And their feedback is incredible. They keep you going, don’t judge and have just the right thing to say to you. They never rush and they take time to help you in any way they can; answer questions and adding snippets of advice. Now that I am further on into the program I still enjoy the weigh ins and inspirational chats. I also enjoy the routine – that’s the sort of person I am. Having said that, I have learnt that variety in snacks and meals is so important too! Thank you Jodi!

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Take a deep breath and walk through that door to Healthy Inspirations. You won’t look back. You will love your new body, walk taller and be more confident.
  2. Talk to your coaches. If you are struggling at times let them know and have a good chat. They know what you need.
  3. Join in. Get involved. Keep the variety gong in your meals and snacks.