Lost 34.6kg and 100.5cm.

I commenced with Healthy Inspirations in February 2012 and since following the program, initially the Great Shape plan and then the Reset program, I have been able to lose over 34kgs.

I believe that a lot of the success of the program is to breakdown the main goal into smaller more achievable steps.  Being able to meet these mini goals provides a great deal of motivation to continue on and soon build to achieve the overall goal. I believe that not only my determination to succeed but the support and encouragement given by the staff at Healthy Inspirations also provides motivation in continuing on the journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Part of the Healthy Inspirations plan is to use their gym equipment and attend the fitness and well-being classes that they provide.   Even though I have a couple of sporting injuries that has restricted my use of some of the gym equipment I have still used the gym, more particularly the exercise bike.  To make up for the lack of gym work I have been walking regularly.   I commenced walking for a minimum of half an hour every morning before work around the scenic Lighthouse and Wharf area at Port Adelaide.   Some mornings I even had the Port River Dolphins to keep me company.   I found that the kilos kept dropping and my shape was also changing.  I lost approximately 10 kgs in three months.  This has had a significant benefit to my health, where my blood pressure is now considered to be low and the Doctor is in the process of taking me off my medication for good.  I have found that being on the Healthy Inspirations program is not a “diet” it is a way of life.  My love of food and cooking has helped me to modify and create recipes that are tasty and enjoyable to eat as well as being in line with the plan.

Top three Healthy Inspirations tips:

• Be organised, when preparing some of the delicious recipes, make a double batch and freezer it, great to take to work for lunches etc. 

• Even if you are unable to do the gym work, walking works wonders, start off with 10 mins a day and build it up to 30-45mins per day. It does pay off!

• If you happen to have a hiccup or two in your journey to weight loss, put it behind you, and get back on the plan.