Lost 11.3kgs and 55cms.

Initially I joined the Healthy Inspirations team after my Mum, Melanee reached her fantastic 100% in losing 30kg. Mum then worked her way up to increasing her fitness while encouraging me to join the odd class. Before we knew it, it was a great way to spend time together.

In the beginning, my weight loss journey was unsuccessful because I never understood that in order to reach my goals, I had to make the concept of, “healthy choices,” a lifestyle; not just something to continuously worry about. As that would only ever discourage me into not wanting to participate altogether.

Through making achievable goals to strive for each week, I was able to have continuous small wins. This avoided the overwhelming potential giving up. Suddenly, I started losing weight significantly, each week feeling brighter. I felt so much more energised and light which allowed more ability for me to exercise. Exercise was a daunting thing, but involving my network of friends and family in doing something that makes you so happy, ultimately spreads the healthy lifestyle and improves personal morale.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is how awesome it is to love yourself for how far you’ve come – as human beings we are so amazingly capable. Something I truly believed after finishing the Tough Mudder marathon along side my Mum and the H.I team. Being more physically able and feeling greener and cleaner is, in actual fact, greater than any sweet. I’m now at a point where I love exercising because it makes me feel alive, eating fresh clean food because I feel as though I’m positively fuelling my body and enjoying a small treat occasionally because I know I have control over what I want.

The continuous support I’ve received from the H.I Team has helped me generate a lifelong understanding of the fuel we need, the abundant success brought from exercise and most importantly, the realisation of my own potential… All while having the most fun along the way.