Lost 11.9 kilos and 41.5 cm.

After a week away with my husband, I came home and weighed myself. I was so disappointed with myself, not one ounce had shifted. We went walking every day for hours exploring our great coastline. I obviously was eating wrongly when I thought I was making good choices.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope eliminating some of the foods from my lifestyle, but I really surprised myself. Not eating high carb foods hasn’t been a problem. I didn’t feel like I had to give up all my favourite things whilst on my weight lost journey. I still don’t eat pasta, only because now I don’t like how it makes me feel so bloated and uncomfortable. Occasionally I eat some bread but don’t beat myself up over it because I usually treat myself to some out at dinner. I still enjoy the glass of wine or two but again only on a weekend.

Without Nola’s weekly encouragement I would have continued to struggle. The coaches at the centre and members were so supportive. I still like to see them for accountability because no one’s perfect and occasionally we need a push to get back on track (well I do).

My family are proud of my journey because they can see how much healthier and happier I am and I’ve instilled some good eating habits into their lives also.

I have a zest for life!! I’ve made new friends. I haven’t been this fit or healthy since my early twenties. I sound clichéd but shopping was something I feared because I looked so overweight and frumpy whatever I wore. I also love exercising every day and don’t feel right even if I miss a walk.



  1. Seriously just do it. No dilly dallying because it works and it has helped so many women just like me. Once you put your mind to it anything is possible. Especially with all the support and encouragement along the way. You won’ t regret it.
  2. Positive thoughts go a long way.
  3. Stay on track with the eating program (eating properly I never felt hungry).
  4. Exercise whenever possible, ideally every day even if it’s a 10-minute walk. You will feel better for it mentally as well.