Lost 7.3kg and 31.5cm – That’s 9.09% of her body weight

Before coming to Healthy Inspirations I was feeling frustrated, as my efforts to lose weight had not been successful. Despite eating Lite ‘N’ Easy meals and walking at least 4kms per day, I couldn’t shift the weight.

The Air Force had just accepted my application and I really wanted to be fit and healthy for when they called me up. Luckily, I saw some of the members doing an early morning class outside, while I was waiting for the bus. They looked like they were having fun working out together and I imagined myself doing what they were doing. I also thought it would suit me to work out at that time of day and then catch the bus in to work.

Now that I’m stronger, fitter and lighter, I feel fantastic! I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and how it has helped to motivate other people in my workplace to make lifestyle changes. I’ve recommended Healthy Inspirations to lots of people as a lifestyle program, rather than a traditional gym.

I absolutely love the morning classes; the motivation I get from other girls and the strength I feel in my own body, is very motivating. I feel great wearing my jeans and buying new clothes. My partner is really proud of my achievements as well.

Healthy Inspirations has given me the tools to continue with a healthy lifestyle. I now know what healthy foods are and how much I should have of them. The program has also changed my mind-set about exercise. I feel energised to start the day with exercise knowing that I will have already achieved something by the time I get to work.

The best thing about coming to Healthy Inspirations was the support the team gave me throughout; helping me find ways to overcome my mini-problems that half the time had nothing to do with food.

I really enjoyed the classes and the team environment that they provided. I have learnt practical ways to help me maintain a healthy balance in life and food.

I really like the way I look and feel. I have confidence in myself and a positive body image. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on pizza, pasta and alcohol like I did when I started. Now I think about how much better I feel when I don’t indulge in those things.

My top 3 Healthy Inspirations tips are:

  1. Get creative with food
  2. Challenge yourself physically, bit by bit
  3. Remember your goal when going out socially, to keep you more on track