Lost 11.6 kilos, 41.5cms and 17.18% body weight.

I have struggled all my life with my weight, felt self-conscious and held back on enjoying life. I lived on Voltaren for many years to ease my very painful, degenerative lower back, to a point where I considered surgery. I grew up with food being a very important part of everyday life, and eating everything and more, even when full. I have tried so many diets and been to other gyms, and nothing worked. As much as I love clothes, I hated shopping for clothes as nothing ever fitted the way I wanted, and I only ever wore black.

Seeing the A frame with details of kilos lost, caught my eye. I stopped to chat, not wanting to go on a weight loss program, thinking the exercise would be enough, and that I could do it on my own. I quickly found I could not do it on my own.

My goal was to lose 3 kilos, thinking any more would be impossible… and then before I knew it 11.6 kilos had gone and I was a size 10!!!

My goal was to lose 3 kilos, thinking any more would be impossible. There is a Rhianna song with lyrics “Never have I been a size 10 in my whole life”, and I had never been a size 10, and never thought that this would ever be possible, it was beyond my imagination. I quickly lost 3 kilos and felt so good, thinking maybe another 2 was possible, and then before I knew it 11.6 kilos had gone and I was a size 10!!!

Losing the weight and having a regular exercise routine has improved my mobility, flexibility and has significantly reduced my back pain where now I no longer take any medication (or very rarely). I enjoy exercising, going to the gym, going for walks, doing Zumba and feel so good and invigorated after. I now enjoy shopping for clothes, have more options and am brave now to wear colours other than black.

I find it hard to believe that 7 years on I have kept the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle, not fluctuating from diet to diet – this was unheard of before. I have a 2 kilo buffer, which allows me to enjoy my wine and different foods, but now in moderation, and then there is the point at which I will not allow myself to spiral out of control. Having the beautiful health coaches/friends to support me is invaluable.


  1. Exercise regularly, 3 times a week.
  2. Be kind to yourself when things go a little haywire; we are not perfect. Our lives are busy, and there are events, celebrations etc., it is not the end of the world and we don’t need to give up, rather start back on track with the next meal – not next week or next Monday.