Lost 30.5kg and 111.5cm.

I started this journey in February 2014 after overcoming one of the worst relapses since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago. I was married for 9 days and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and a recovery time of 6 months. I knew changing my lifestyle and losing weight would be beneficial to me.

After starting and losing about 8kg, I suffered another relapse in March 2014 and thought this is too hard, I just have to live with the body I have.

While doing my normal weekly shop in August 2014, Bronwyn called me and said “Hey, come in and have a chat.” I agreed; from there it has changed my life with not only losing weight and gaining the body I always dreamed about but the level of confidence is amazing.

I have done things and accomplished things I never thought I could do having MS. The daily struggle with this disease is a fight in itself and the fact that I have lost the weight still amazes me. Anyone who knows me has seen me struggle these last 19 months from relapses to IV steroids to countless medications to hospital stays and raising my two young sons.

Even the fact that I couldn’t walk properly for months hasn’t and will not stop me, and the support and guidance that I have received from Healthy Inspirations has changed not only my, but my family’s life. I feel stronger than I have ever felt and know that I can do anything even when my body or mind slows me down. And I’m happy to receive the compliment of being an inspiration.

My before photo is taken in August 2014. I’m at the top of Bluff Hill, which I would never thought I would ever climb, but now do it most days. It’s a great daily hill walk to conquer.

(After photo courtesy of Warm Hearts Photography)