Lost 20.4kgs (that’s 22.86% of her body weight) and 73cms

I wanted to be fit and beautiful for my 70th Birthday and be able to run around after my grandchildren. I feel full of energy and feel younger than my years. The support of Nola has been the driving force when I have been struggling to keep focus.

Over the past 10 years I had gradually put on weight, due to stresses relating to family issues and a lack of thought about what I was eating. I hated being overweight and unhealthy and did not want to reach 70 and still be in that condition. Also, I wanted to contribute to my grandchildren’s lives.

I had to shift my focus onto myself, my wellbeing and the environment around me, in order for change to occur. The first step towards change was making contact with Healthy Inspirations, Prospect. The program offered me what I needed; a sensible healthy eating plan, supportive individual coaching to keep me accountable and in-house exercise.

I loved the friendly, welcoming atmosphere; it was not at all intimidating, and fitted in nicely with my daily routine.

Once I started following the eating plan, I overcame my desire for sweet treats and starchy carbs and replaced them with healthier food choices. Regular, nutritious meals and good quality protein snacks kept me on track and I discovered the power of self-talk.

The resistance machines on the circuit have helped to build up my strength, endurance and tone. I not only enjoy exercising, but also feel energised and invigorated afterwards. I don’t get tired and can do more than ever before.

Combining my workouts with the nutrition plan has boosted my results. I have lost 3 whole dress sizes and can now wear fitted size 12s. I am truly happy with the way I look. My husband is thrilled and my children have complimented me on the way I look on numerous occasions.

Shopping for clothes has become much easier and more enjoyable.

Healthy Inspirations has given me the tools to make good food choices and handle social situations, so that I can maintain a healthy weight for life. Making a commitment to the specialised program has really focused my attention on my health and wellbeing. Go for it.

My top three tips are:

  1. Follow the eating plan precisely, it works!
  2. Eat every 3 hours during the day
  3. Low GI raspberries or strawberries with fresh cream make a great dessert option