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Meet Janet

Lost 10.5 kilos and 41 cms

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes over 15 years ago.  The problem with diabetes is you don’t see the damage it is actually doing to your body.  No blood or bandages to see so you tend to ignore the problem.  It made me angry that I couldn’t eat what I craved …sugar.

Over the years my blood sugar levels greatly increased, I put on weight and found life very difficult. I would experience hypos from high levels and just want to sleep.

My doctors were very patient with me, changing but increasing my medication which didn’t always agree with me. They also recommended other specialists to help with exercise, what to eat, portion control, and relaxation but to no avail. 

I was injecting myself 4 times a day, when I remembered to test and inject, and telling myself I was eating correctly, But when I saw a photo of myself, at my daughter’s wedding I was disgusted with my appearance . So with that in mind plus seeing my neighbour Annie’s results I decided to join Healthy Inspirations. So February 2019 I started the eating and exercise plan.

Within a month I was down 3.2 kgs and my levels were dropping. Whereas pre breakfast would normally be 12 to 15 I was coming up with sixes. My lunch time was 8 and dinner 10. Plus I dropped my overnight injection Toujou from 32 to 21. I had to estimate how much insulin I was using and yes had a few lows but fortunately I can feel the symptoms and rectify the problem with jelly beans. 

Now 3 months later…. no insulin at breakfast lunch or dinner when levels below 6 and night time injection down to 10.  My cholesterol levels are at the lowest they have ever been.

My GP was amazed at my results from my 3 monthly blood test.

I am .2 from having perfect blood results which I am sure I will achieve by July. I have still consulted with my doctor on a monthly visit and a dietician / diabetic educator re the changes to medication.

I can’t wait to see my Diabetic Specialist in August; I know he will be amazed and very pleased for me.

Taken me 15 years, but weight loss, cm loss, head clear, feeling good about myself, diabetes under control, – all due to joining HI. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done this by myself. 

Thanks Jodi and team…legends.

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