Lost 6.2kg and 23cm.

I had been putting on few kilos each year since I turned 50. I then fractured a rib and could not exercise for a few months while waiting for it to heal. That stacked on a few more kilos!  I didn’t feel like I was eating that much – less than usual  so I had my thyroid function checked but that was all OK.  I then thought it was just a consequence of getting old and there was nothing I could do about it, and that depressed me. 

I had lost a lot of strength and general fitness due to having to take it easy with my fractured rib. After that mended, I was walking past Healthy Inspirations at Christmas time and saw the 2 month special advertised. I was not too sure about joining as gym had been a failure since I developed chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia  symptoms – gym usually resulted in migraines and a body feeling like it had been run over by a truck for several days at a time.

I knew I had do something though, so I went in and had a chat with Wendy. The 2 month special seemed a safe way to give gym a try. I was able suspend my membership for a week here and there (as many times as I needed) for a minimal fee while I was away working in Kalgoorlie.

I decided to join in the New Year. Initially I was not going to do the weight loss program. Wendy told me about the program and I was happy to find out that it did not involve expensive pre-packaged/frozen meals etc. It was all about preparing your own food and learning to eat a healthy balanced diet. I am mostly a vegetarian that eats only a little white meat now and then, but I was assured this would not be a problem with the program offered.

Over the last 6 months I did the following:

• gym workout 3-4 times a week (started off doing 10 mins on bike/rowing machine and one 15 min circuit of equipment on lowest level and slowly building up over the next few months – this way I avoided those terrible headaches and body pain that I had previously experienced with gym exercise).

• stuck to the weight loss plan and filled in my journal daily.

• took part in a challenge (would recommend this to everyone to break up your regular routine – the body favours a change from time to time!)

In doing so, I found I was actually eating more than previously and realised it was about what you eat, not necessarily how much you eat. I no longer crave Mars Bars, etc every time I get stressed, and can more easily say no to chocolate/sweets and alcohol when dining out. I have a lot more energy and am a lot happier than I used to be. I no longer dread getting dressed up to go out, as I can now easily fit into my clothes, rather than squeezing into them and covering up/hiding bulges!

Healthy Inspirations have great staff that remember who you are and make sure you are doing OK each time you walk into the gym. They help you keep on track and stay motivated in your goal to get fit and healthy. Very friendly atmosphere, great mix of equipment and activities so you never get bored.  This is the reason I have decided to stay a member well after my initial 2 month special!