Lost 9.2kg.

For the last five years my husband and I have been running a 7 day business we decided to sell to have a break. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time and have had good times and bad.

I am so lucky I have always had a loving husband and two beautiful children by my side. Doctors have always told me that exercise and a good diet is so important in feeling better. However it is so hard to get started.  I just wanted to feel good again. I was just sitting home every day eating too much so I gained 6 kilos in a short period and I knew if I didn’t do something about it, I would only get worse. My beautiful daughter said I should go to Healthy Inspirations at Prospect as she had seen lots of ladies my age there.

I called into Healthy Inspirations and had a chat with Nola. I came home with all the information and started feeling very overwhelmed which led to a panic attack. I thought it was too hard and I couldn’t do it. So the next day I called in and told Nola I couldn’t do it, I was very upset we had a chat and spoke about doing exercise only and concentrate on weight loss later. Then I came home and it hit me: what am I doing? I haven’t even tried and I’m giving up so the following day I went in again and said I can do this. From then on I was focused.

The first week was hard. I had headaches everyday and felt tired but when the detox was over I started feeling good.

I found the plan very easy to follow and enjoyed coming in each morning as it’s such a friendly place to exercise. I was getting out of bed early and actually enjoying it! The weight just started to come off.  My anxiety has improved so much and I have recently been shopping for new clothes which feels so good.

We are now going back into a new business and I am excited and ready to go back to work as I have lots more energy and self esteem.

I am happy and healthy.