Lost 15kg and 44cm – but gained everything

I was at the heaviest I had been in years and was conducting a lifestyle that consisted of working, cooking, eating, sitting on the couch until late and then sleeping. I had walked past Healthy Inspirations many times thinking I should go in, so I made the call and went and met with the wonderful staff. My husband was going to support me in any way he could and by Wednesday I had a t-shirt, sneakers, lycra pants (!) and I was enrolled and ready to go.

Now this is where the story to my amazing new life begins and between you and I, I have a little secret – this has been the easiest thing I have ever done. I met with the most amazing team of HI lifestyle coaches and we planned a nutrition and exercise plan and off I went. I was finding I was actually enjoying the feeling I got from exercising (this was a surprise), a real internal pride that I had got off my puckered bum and done something healthy that set me up for the day. I had so much energy that my husband was telling me to sit down and relax! Within the first few weeks I had lost a few kilos’ (great motivation) and I was learning so much about food and good nutrition it was empowering. The best part about this is that my family is also learning by eating the same way and ensuring that our portions were right.

5 months on and I am the happiest I have been in a long time. I am lighter, smaller and even a little bit sexy. My husband comments on my new-found confidence; something as a regular public speaker I have never suffered a lack of, but this is different – this is personal. I carry my head higher, walk with my shoulders back and sashay happily into shops knowing that an off the rack size is going to fit. Work colleagues are noticing the difference and the positive affirmations keep rolling in – apparently I am now inspiring others. My daughter tells me that I am her skinny yummy mummy and she is loving the new energetic me, something that makes me incredibly proud. I am breaking the cycle. Most in my family carry a few extra kilos and I am not going to allow that history to continue – health, nutrition and exercise are our new family mantra and water our new wine!

OK, my secrets:

  • attending the centre 4 times a week,
  • work with the gorgeous and supportive lifestyle HI coaches about healthy nutrition
  • make drinking water a job.

Trust me, the journey and investment in your health is worth everything.