Lost 15.3 kilos and 13.3% of her body weight in the 12 Week Beat the Winter Blues Challenge

I entered the 12week challenge as I had recently been diagnosed with lipedema and needed to work out how to be in less pain each day. My goal was to lose some weight to help with my condition.

I was someone who had big ideas and tried very hard but had little follow through with challenges I took on and weight loss I wanted to achieve. The 12week challenge was something I could work towards. I set myself a high goal and after the first couple of weeks seeing my weight fall off, I knew I had to push on and work towards what I wanted to achieve.

If you don’t know about lipedema, it’s a painful disease that makes your infected body parts ache all day. I have it in my legs, arms, and stomach. I was seeking monthly treatment from a wellness coach to help with this issue. But what I decided was that I would use that money to start this 12week program and it was the best decision of my life. My legs don’t feel as heavy or ache any more like they did every day. Is my issue gone? No, it never will be, it’s something I live with my whole life, but I’m in way less pain.

The weekly coaching sessions made me accountable for everything I did. I was able to talk about the good and the bad that had happened during the week and what I was going to achieve in the next week. Every Monday I reset after I caught up with my coach and I felt for once in my life I could achieve what I set out to do.

My Top 3 Tips

  1. You must want to do it. Set a goal and work towards it.
  2. Include your family and friends. They want to support and help you. Tell them what you hope to achieve. They want you to succeed.
  3. Try and experiment with what you eat. Make different things, try new foods. Vegetable boxes have been a massive help to me. If you have it you need to eat it.