Lost 16.3 kilos and 45 cm.

I have been a member of H.I. for many years. My weight has fluctuated, but last year I noticed my knees were becoming sore, I was working at a job that required me to start very early in the morning, I felt permanently “jetlagged”!  So, after visiting a physiotherapist and being told I almost definitely had arthritis in my knees, and knowing I was going on a 3.5-week holiday to the United Kingdom in April, in January of this year I resigned from my job, and refocused on my health.

My goal was to increase my fitness, build my strength in my legs and to lose weight so that pressure on my knees was less.  At the time of travelling to the United Kingdom I had dropped 7kg, my ability to walk for very far or stand for very long was difficult, but because of the weight loss and the strengthening I was able to travel and I managed the holiday, albeit using taxis a little more than I would have done in previous years.

On my return from the United Kingdom I decided enough was enough and so I went to the GP, had x-rays and discovered “severe osteoarthritis” and had no option but to face a bilateral knee replacement.  With this news, I have lost more weight.  I am working on my cardio fitness by rowing and cycling with no discomfort for up to an hour 3-4 times a week.  I am doing the H.I. circuit 3 times a week, being mindful that some of the exercises cannot be done because of the weight-bearing impact.  I know that everything I am currently doing will be invaluable in my recovery from the double knee replacement. Bring it on I say!

Healthy Inspirations is about the “big picture”.   Healthy weight loss comes with a healthy mind; women often struggle to find time to do things for themselves.  Being a member of H.I. means you focus on yourself, take the time to plan, to chat to others, to be guided by the Consultant.  Being with others who have been there, doing that helps a lot: their ideas for recipes, how they have overcome challenges to stay on track etc is invaluable.  One of the most attractive things about H.I. when I started many years ago, was that the circuit was 30-mins, I didn’t have to spend hours exercising, it was such a positive and empowering environment and I still enjoy that to this day.


  1. Weighing in regularly.
  2. Writing in your book everything you eat and drink.
  3. Get to know other women doing the same as you.