Lost 9.3 kilos and 8.3% of her body weight in the 12 Week Beat the Winter Blues Challenge

I entered the 12 week Beat the Winter Blues Challenge to be able to focus more on my weight loss and health while having a challenge.

I found the 12week focus gave me more incentive to achieve my goals.

The whole experience has given me more confidence to compete in a challenge, normally I wouldn’t have bothered, thinking it was not achievable. Now my mindset from experience of the program has changed me. It has given me more self-esteem.

My coach Lila has been amazing with her support. Without her I may not have achieved what I have so far. She has become an integral part of my journey with her support for sure, by just being there and making me accountable.

My Top 3 Tips

  1. Do the program as you will have the support you need all the way.
  2. Read thoroughly your journal as many times as it takes to understand your tasks.
  3. Write in your journal daily as this also keeps you focused and accountable for your eating. It also helps the coach to coach you correctly. Also remove food you don’t use now from cupboards.