Lost 4.3kgs and 27.5cms in the 42 day challenge!

My step is lighter, my clothes fit better. Clothes I haven’t worn for 3-4 years fit me now! I feel healthier. I have more energy. I now eat more nutritious foods and so do my family.

This is what the 42 day challenge did for me.  What a challenge! I went through sugar addiction withdrawal for 4-5 days and subsequent cravings.  I often experienced hunger.

Having been away working overseas for 2 months and overeating, I needed to de-tox. This challenge was such a measured, controlled way to go about it, with support.

Benefits for me: 

  • Learning to cook a variety of low calorie, tasty soups
  • Looking forward to eating
  • Taking more time to eat than I used to
  • Trying different foods
  • Trying different classes
  • Taking up weights
  • Using the rowing machine and stepper
  • Knowing that I am boosting my immune system by cutting out refined sugar and flour

It has been an amazing and very challenging journey which I will continue.

Thank you to all those who were there for the ride, especially my mentors at Healthy Inspirations – staff and members.