Lost 14.9kg in Beat the Winter Blues 12 week Transformation

There were several events that triggered my decision to start at Healthy Inspirations. As a larger woman I have always been reasonably strong and active, as I have got older those two things had began to decrease.

In the weeks leading up to me joining HI I started realizing that I had been neglecting myself for a while, my ability to be as mobile in my job had decreased, my lack of energy, aches and pains had almost got the better of me. I realized that I needed to do something to help myself.

We had celebrated my daughter’s engagement to her partner and I had seen a few of the photos from her party and my thoughts were that I didn’t want to look like this when she got married in 18 months time. I wanted to be able to buy something really nice for her Wedding. I also had a months holiday booked to Western Australia and I knew that there would be lots of walking and some hiking involved.

That week I had an advertisement come through on my Social media about Healthy Inspirations Blackwood, at that stage I had never heard of them. I had been a member of several gyms in the past and didn’t mind going to a gym but this one seemed to offer a little more.

I work up in the Blackwood area and thought that I would ask my boss if she had heard of the gym, her reply was “Oh yes Jodie, I am a member there and she thought that it would be a great program for me to join. I thought about it for another week or so, I did a little more research and then another advertisement popped up on my social media about Healthy Inspirations and this time it was with someone else that I knew with her success story.

That day after work I contacted Jodie from Healthy Inspirations and made an appointment to start the program, I also made an appointment for the Doctor and the Dentist.

I did have concerns for my ability to be able to lose weight, as I had been eating reasonably healthy without any change in my weight. My idea of healthy eating wasn’t working!

I have noticed huge benefits with my health, I am sleeping better, my appetite is under control, minimal cravings, my energy levels have increased, I have little or no indigestion. My mindset has improved, I feel as though I have had a shift in my thought processes, my will power and desire to succeed gets stronger each day, I’m happier and am loving feeling fitter.

My mobility has improved, I am stronger, fitter and look forward to being active every day. My balance has improved along with the ability to walk faster and further.

I find my weekly coaching is immeasurable, it helps increase my confidence, keeps me accountable for my actions and I feel that the coaches are a huge part of my support network. I feel comfortable to be able to ask any questions regarding eating and exercise.

My Daughter and Husband have joined me in my healthier lifestyle, this also gives me a walking partner, I see this as a huge benefit. My muscle tone has improved. I am more organised with our weekly shopping and meal prep and the meals aren’t difficult so I am saving time.

It’s a fantastic program, it’s easy to follow and the whole program just makes sense.

My 3 top tips:

  1. Learn to be mindful while eating, sit and enjoy your meal.
  2. Follow the program, it works.
  3. Preparation for the program can be quick and as simple as you need it to be, but preparation is the key to being successful.