Lost 7 kilos and 30 cm.

The main thing that triggered my decision to start a weight loss program was that I needed an extender belt on the plane.

I have been going to Healthies now for 5 years. My blood pressure is good now, I have been sick less, and my health is good. I look younger, feel better, and enjoy the sisterhood at the gym.

I can walk at least 10 kms now. I can play golf and not be tired. I have more energy and confidence. I am lighter. I have a new hobby dog showing.

The weekly support keeps me motivated on plan. Nola’s an inspiration: they’re all good coaches, and help with getting used to weekly weigh ins and giving useful tips.

It’s a great place promoting healthy living, good coaches and lovely gym members.


  1. Stick to the plan.
  2. Keep going.
  3. Stay motivated.