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Meet Josie

Lost 9.6kg and 32cm

My wake up call was being prescribed Blood Pressure medication.  I suddenly felt old.  Plus I had become the largest sibling when I had always been the smallest. To top it off, I attended a yoga class with my sister and struggled to do things as my stomach was in the way! 

Yes, I had been putting on a bit of weight but I didn’t think my diet was too bad.  I have a physically active job and so considered myself reasonably fit and healthy even though I didn’t do any regular, formal exercise.  However I did wonder if my Blood Pressure was inherited or due to my weight gain. 

Driving past Healthy Inspirations one day I thought I would drop in to see what they were all about. That curiosity has now changed my life.  8 weeks later and a GP check – I had my medication halved.  After 16 weeks my question was answered.  I have lost weight and am off medication. My problem then was maybe not inherited.

Over that time I have lost more weight than I expected to. I can even fit into clothes I wore 30 years ago, and yes I still had some!  I have more energy and motivation to exercise, and I enjoy it, which I never thought I would.  Seeing the changes to my body has made me feel good.

I am off medication. Have more energy and motivation to exercise and I choose what food to eat completely differently.

The dietary advice and recipes each week are very helpful. Having to be accountable by writing in the Daily Planner kept me motivated to stay on track.

This journey has completely changed how I look at the food that I eat. It has even rubbed off onto my husband who is also now losing weight and so enjoying the benefits as well.

I have already recommended people. I say it’s the combination of eating the right food and portion size plus the exercise and support that has worked for me. And they have a great massage chair!

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Talk to/be with people who are supportive
  2. Just take it a day at a time, trust the process
  3. Reward yourself along the way when you achieve goals (but not with food)

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