Lost 33.3 kilos and 90.5 cm

People often ask me, why now?  What was my motivation to lose weight and get fitter after years of good intentions but little achievement?  My inspiration, my goal to lose weight became more of a plan rather than just a thought, when our family and friends decided to pack our bags and holiday in Bali.  I love to travel; I love warm weather, beaches and the chance to swim every day in the sea.  But the thought of walking to the water’s edge and swimming in the hotel pool filled me with dread.

I had known of Healthy Inspirations for years and seeing them on Facebook, so positive and full of encouragement. It was enough for me to go along and take the approach ‘one day at a time’.  The lovely staff made me feel welcome, gave me encouragement and guided me through their programme, where from day one I saw my dream of losing weight now a possible reality.

Coming in 3 times a week to weigh in and meet with my lifestyle coaches kept me on track. From the early days of just turning up for weigh ins I was gently encouraged to try out some of the other gym activities/group fitness classes and now I confidently attend Kimax, Top Ride and Hyper-C.  I also have more energy for keeping up with my 3 year old grandson.

I wouldn’t have achieved all that I have to date without the support of Healthy Inspirations, my friend and gym buddy, as well as the new friends I have made while at Healthy Inspirations!

I know my journey is never going to be over and that this is a lifestyle change, but my future looks so much brighter being Healthy and Strong as I continue working towards my goal weight.

Just do it, take one day at a time!

My top tips:

  1. One on one coaching 3 times a week.
  2. Fill your journal out.
  3. Get started.