Lost 6kgs and 24.5cms

I did not want to go up to the next size in my clothes, so I looked into Healthy Inspirations.

I feel invigorated, lighter and find it easier to move around. It has put the spring back into my step.

I found it made me feel committed and accountable for my efforts and having my coach made it easier to stay on track and talk about different alternatives and ideas.

I feel more confident now with making better and healthier food choices and I have a better understanding on what foods are better for me to maintain a healthier body.

The support is great and making the change is easier than you think, just give it a go.

My top tips:

  1. Start thinking of what you want to achieve and what your goals are.
  2. Make sure commitment is one of your goals.
  3. Seek your nearest Healthy Inspirations Club.