Lost 8kg and 26cm

My cholesterol had continued to increase (7.3 last reading) and I really felt at a loss as to how to take back control.  I travel a lot for work and maintaining a healthy weight became increasingly harder over the past 4 years.   

I rang Healthy Inspirations out of desperation in September and 2 months later I have now lost 8kg (80% goal).  I am loving the diet and now in phase 3.  

At first I felt very overwhelmed by the diet but I love the coaches at Blackwood and I would talk to them regularly about how I was going and clarify the diet.  

I now love the diet and do not miss at all my old eating habits.  I love going and completing the circuit (a gym person I never have been!).  But I love the womanhood that is always present.  I love the inspiration felt when working hard and the support from other women also doing the circuit.  It is just such a great atmosphere.  

I have learnt how to manage my diet and exercise whilst still away for work, a milestone I am so proud of.  

I feel so much better in myself, sleeping better, coping with stress better and am liking myself again.  I will forever be so grateful I made that phone call in September and cannot imagine now my life without Healthy Inspirations in it!

I tell everyone this has been a lifestyle change for the better.

I love the weekly coaching and support.  I absolutely love the circuit and chatting with other women and hearing their stories and giving each other support.  I am not a gym person and thought I would struggle with that side but it has been the opposite. I love having the weekly weigh ins as that keeps me motivated and on track.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Make that phone call
  2. Don’t be scared
  3. Accept all the support you need