Lost 24kgs and 82cm

I was always feeling tired and lethargic; the slightest amount of exercise left me breathless. I was always thinking that I had nothing to wear because I didn’t feel attractive in anything. I started my journey, hoping to lose a couple of kilos, so that my clothes would be better fitting. I was so determined to not buy anything in a size up.

And “WOW” I never thought I would be where I am today. My old clothes now fit like sacks. I did need a new wardrobe, but a couple of sizes down instead of up. And I gained so many health benefits along the way. I no longer snore!! No more snoring means I sleep much better (so does my husband). My constant lower back pain is gone. I can now walk (and even jog) without the shortness of breath. My skin has improved, and my hairdresser commented on the health of my hair.

As my confidence grew, I also joined in some of the classes offered at the
Burnie centre and I have met some lovely, like-minded, supportive ladies
while continuing to improve my muscle tone and fitness. I have so much more energy, I look and feel younger, and I now enjoy exercising and keeping fit. I can get out and exercise more, and just enjoy life.

I continue to receive compliments on how I look, so that’s encouraging me to stay focused. I really feel that I have turned the clock back and I know that I have a better outlook on life.

With the ongoing support I receive from everyone at Healthy Inspirations, I have maintained my new healthy lifestyle for over 18 months. I couldn’t have gotten my results on my own. For me, the accountability and support were vital.

100% the Best Decision I ever made.

My top tips:

  1. Learn to love yourself.
  2. Don’t dwell on your slip-ups – we all have them.
  3. We are stronger than we think.