Lost 17.5kg each.

My sister and I started on our adventure with Healthy Inspirations (HI) in June 2014.

We had a wedding in the near future and our goal was to achieve our desired weight by the time we got on the plane.

In September, we got on the plane, literally beaming for all the best of reasons.  Achieving our goal, fantastic wedding and holiday ahead, it was definitely a huge ‘yahoo’ moment for us.

We are now “lifestyle” members which means we continue with our plan and gym three times a week, we have our treats (sometimes more than we should) and if we do put on a kilo or two we know how to get it off.

We would recommend this plan to anybody that wants to lose the kilos, it’s easy to follow and the support from Leigh, Ange, Bee and Jo is 100% and not forgetting our gym buddies.

The HI journey was the best. After being a weight watcher… tried, achieved, regained the weight, for years, this is the most successful programme we have been on. A mixture of sensible eating (the good things your mum and nana talk about!), the circuit at the gym and the women running HI.

Surviving the circuit, then learning to like it, chatting with the women – both the women in charge and fellow circuit buddies… and watching that weight drop off week after week, a grand total at 17.5Kgs each and keeping it off… Worth every minute on the circuit, resisting the chocolate, throwing away our fat clothes, buying smaller sizes and loving it.