Lost 15.4kg and 60.5cm.

I found inspiration in me. I had the classic netball injury (ACL), was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, was made redundant from my dream job, had my house sold from under me and then my husband left. I was shattered to say the least. My confidence was gone. 3 and a half years went by and I met Emily who went to Healthy Inspirations and I saw in her what used to be me. I often engaged her in conversation about her workouts and her personal trainer and wanted that feeling of healthy and happy back for the first time in years. I had lost my mojo and was desperate to have it back. I made a promise to myself that 2014 would be the start of a new journey for me. Late June I joined Healthy Inspirations at Blackwood and have not looked back. I wanted not to just be fit, but to be healthy, the best I had ever been; for me. I wanted to learn what to eat and when, if I was doing this I was doing this 110%. I was scared, can I actually do this? I didn’t tell many people just in case I failed. I stuck to the eating plan and loved the fact that a personal trainer was helping me gain strength and fitness while looking after my body. It was hard at first as I hardly ever cooked, and fresh food was just not something I bought once I was living alone. I refused to give up and pushed myself to form the habits I have today. My friends weren’t always supportive and living on my own, I was accountable to only me, and the choices I make were mine and no excuses.

I lost weight straight away. 33cms in the first month! I love Healthy Inspirations! The staff and the awesome ladies at Blackwood are so supportive and wonderful. They often come up to tell me how great I am looking and ‘well done’. I have had injuries and my whole body hurts sometimes but it makes me smile and I get up and go back the next day. One of the biggest benefits for me has been the education on eating. I have seen firsthand in my own body how much it matters. Having the control over my mind and body has been empowering. I love the seemingly endless supply of new recipes. I used to exercise and hit an upper limit that I have far surpassed now. I have never seen my body so toned and when I catch myself in a reflection I am stunned that I am looking at me. The confidence I now have has me living a fuller life. I am willing to try things that I wouldn’t have before. I feel strong, I feel fit, I feel amazing!

This experience has been so great that I do not see an end. Blackwood Healthy Inspirations is my home and the people in it my family. To date I have lost 12.2kgs and 58.5 cms. My goal is to lose 15kgs which I have no doubt I will reach. When others have faith in you and you refuse to let them down, heights are reached you never saw possible! Thank you Healthy Inspirations Blackwood