Lost 16.6kg

I had got to my peak of my highest non-pregnancy weight and felt bloated, unfit, sluggish and unhappy in my physical appearance. I had tried all dietary programs around plus gym memberships but had no will power to lose weight and had never been able to stick to these programs to reach a goal of weight loss.

I was hoping that the combination of the nutrition program and exercise would be successful at Healthy Inspirations and was willing to give it a go, and through this lost 16.8kgs.

As a result I have more energy when walking in the hills and I’ve even picked up an intermittent jog with the dog at times. I’m so motivated every day to do some activity whether it be walking and/or doing the circuit at Healthies.

The weekly 1 on 1 coaching was one of the crucial aspects of the program. It was so helpful to have the weekly guidance and advice and stepping on the scales to affirm all the successful work. It’s total accountability and very motivational too, seeing the results of all the hard work.

My husband has told me I am less stressed generally with a more positive attitude to everyday events and situations. I am very proud of myself! I’m happier and and love the person I am now; physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is an all rounder approach to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss goal. There is nothing else that achieves those goals in the same way.

My 3 top tips are:

  • Commit to going to the centre regularly. I went 3 times a week including the weekly weigh in and try to walk at least 5 times a week for at least 30 mins.
  • Totally commit to the eating guidelines to reduce the foods that have always been a stumbling block to weight loss.
  • You need to do this program for yourself (for no one else) and commit for the long haul.